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Natural Stone Restoration

Natural Stone Restoration Brampton

Intergroup Facility Services has a highly qualified team of sales consultants ready to evaluate, diagnose and render honest recommendations and cost estimates. We utilize all of our personnel for resources and expertise.

Onsite meetings, inspections and tests are part of our proposal process.


Detailed methods of machine and hand scrubbing. These include soil, debris and haze removal, and stripping of many topical sealers, waxes and acrylics.


Selection, surface preparation, and application of correct sealer type are all parts of the sealing process. Penetrating sealers are flooded onto surfaces, allowed to dwell for full absorption, then the excess is removed and the surfaces buffed.

  • NSC has some of its own sealers manufactured to specifications for optimum use and application.
  • Topical acrylic sealer can be applied for some cleafted or rough interior surfaces. Multiple coats are applied to insure proper sealing, appearance and ease of maintenance.
  • Enhancer / sealers are applied to selected surfaces when a greater depth of color is desired. Stone type, surface-use and location are critical to enhancing agent applications.


Producing a "high gloss luster" on the stone. Timeless techniques and proprietary compounds generate polished finishes unmatched in the industry.
Old, worn out floors can be restored. New factory finishes can be improved.
Honed (satin finish) stones can be transformed to give the floor a new distinctive look. The high gloss finish is part of the stone surface and is not the sealer. Traffic or worn areas can be re-polished at needed intervals to maintain an indefinite high gloss finish.


Removing scratches, etches or worn areas and producing a "consistent satin luster". Modified abrasives and compounds are used to achieve unique satin finishes. Manufacturing and transport abrasions, fill residue or construction and household wear can be removed and an "up-graded", refined honed finish produced.

GRINDING (lippage removal)

Removing high, uneven tile edges (lippage) creating semi to completely flat installations. This eight-to-ten step abrasive process can be done on individual tiles or to entire floors. The degree of grinding can range from selective abrading to put floors in "code" (a "partial grind"), or complete grinding, achieving a flush monolithic surface (a "full grind"). The selected finish luster is produced after lippage removal.


Renewing or changing grout color. After the grout is cleaned a "color sealer" is painted on the grout's surface, presenting a clean, new grout surface while providing the finest protective sealant available.

Whether you need to restore, repair, refinish or maintain your marble, granite, limestone, quartz, slate, travertine, or terrazzo surfaces, Intergroup Facility Services can help you get it done.