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The Unger HydroPower Pure Water Window Cleaning System: The Result is Crystal Clear

At Intergroup Facility Services, we are constantly looking for ways to provide you with exceptional service using cutting edge innovative technology.

In addition to our janitorial, emergency flood restoration and building operation/coverage services, we are pleased to provide superior window cleaning services.

After the winter months, windows can become dull, full of dirt and grime.  We have the perfect solution for you!

Intergroup Facility Services uses the Unger HydroPower Pure Water Window Cleaning System.

This system provides a superior level of window cleaning and is on the cutting edge of pure water innovation in the cleaning industry.

With the Unger HydroPower Pure Water Window Cleaning System we can:

  • Clean exterior windows up to 5 storeys high
  • Attract dirt and grime using resin that turns water into pure deionized water
  • Leave a spot free finish reducing the environmental impact to the surrounding area
  • For more information, please click on the link below to see the HydroPower Pure Water Window Cleaning System:

The Intergroup Team will ensure that your windows are spotless every time.

A streak free clean will make an immediate difference to your facility.

The result will be crystal clear.

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