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Spring Cleaning – Its that time of year !

Spring Cleaning - Intergroup Facility Services(1) is in the air and is the perfect time to begin thinking of Spring Cleaning.  The winter months bring salt and dirt in to your facility and buildup on the exterior entrances and parking lots.  Dirt hides in corners, carpets harbour stains, workstations, keyboards and phones many times have bacteria and  dust settles on high levels, including door tops and vents spreading allergens.

Intergroup Facility Services offers a complete customized package for Spring Cleaning.  We service all commercial, industrial, manufacturing, multi-residential and institutional properties.

Our packages include:

  • Restorative Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • High Dusting
  • Pressure Washing
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Computer Workstation Cleaning
  • Phone Headset Cleaning

Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Our team will conduct an analysis of the floor plan and conditions of your facility and customize a plan to clean and restore all of your carpeted areas and entrance mats. Our highly skilled team will conduct a deep scrub hot water extraction with a focus on all high traffic areas.

Floor Cleaning

The floor after the winter months can become dirty and dull making the floor look very tired.  Our team will remove all items from the area to be cleaned and conduct a proper floor cleaning using environmentally friendlly chemicals in order to reduce VOCs and toxins. .  Our services include machine srubbing, stripping and waxing and spray buffing.    A corner to corner clean will remove all dirt and stains and restore your floors with a brilliant shine.

Window Cleaning

Our team will begin by ensuring that your windows are spotless with interior and exterior cleaning, removing all residue.  In addition to the window cleaning, we can customize your package to include cleaning of all window blinds.  A streak free clean will make an immediate difference and give a positive impression of your facility.

High Dusting

Cleaning the high dust is key to the cleanliness of your facility and for the health of all your visitors and employees by reducing allergens.  We will create a customized plan for all your high level cleaning requirements, including cleaning of air vents, high level walls and ledges, ceiling fans, air vents and structural supports including support beams.

Pressure Washing

The exterior of your building certainly requires cleaning care after the winter months with salt buildup and debris.  Our team will take extra care with our pressure washers to fully clean the exterior of your building and parking lots.

Upholstery Cleaning 

We will extend the life of your furniture with detailed upholstery cleaning with a thorough deep clean restoring your upholstery and removing all stains.

Computer Workstation Cleaning

Our team will do an in-depth cleaning of your computer workstations, including all keyboards and monitors.  All workstations will look brand new after a specialized cleaning to remove all contaminants.

Phone Headset Cleaning

Phone headsets are a breeding ground for bacteria.  It is important to clean phone headsets as they are used on a daily basis and come in to close contact with the body.  The Intergroup team will ensure that we disinfect all phone headsets and remove all bacteria.

Spring in to a cleaner environment with the professional team at Intergroup Facility Services.

We are committed to your cleanliness and full satisfaction.

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