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CleanTelligent: Leading Edge Quality Assurance Software for Intergroup Facility Services Inc.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with CleanTelligent, a new cutting edge quality assurance software program for our new and existing clients. 

The new CleanTelligent program will give the opportunity to our clients to:

  • View work orders that have been created
  • Easily access before and after pictures
  • Receive immediate notification upon completion of work orders
  • Provide a superior customer service experience

 CleanTelligent allows transparency of work performed for our clients and our performance reports help us increase accountability and improve internal training.  All work is scheduled based on the areas and frequencies as outlined in our agreements and detailed job schedules ensure all services are completed as promised. 

Our team uses tablets and smartphones to ensure effective and seamless communication between management, supervisors and on-site staff.

Our priority is you, our client.  CleanTelligent puts you in the driver’s seat and provides detailed information about ongoing work with a confirmation email when the work is completed.

At Intergroup Facility Services, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

CleanTelligent renews our commitment to you to provide cutting edge technology for guaranteed results.

For more information, please visit CleanTelligent/Intergroup